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Review: Longboards Wraps and Bowls


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The bell above the door rang as I walked into the Longboards restaurant located in Mission. If I had to guess, this would have been my 20th time eating there, and I’ve never regretted it. I first heard about this “new, hip restaurant” from my dad a few months ago, who gave my friends and me a raving review. He said it was the “new Chipotle” and that “it is the only place we would eat at from now on.” Looking back on it, I can’t say he was wrong.

I usually like going to the same restaurants and getting the same exact thing every week. Once I was introduced to Longboards my whole mindset changed. The menu has a wide array of food, specializing in wraps and bowls. Thinking of it as a new Chipotle, I immediately went for the wraps, because they were the closest thing to a burrito. After asking the worker what the best wrap on the menu was I was pointed to the “Cabo Chicken”. It was excellent, a perfect mix of chicken, guacamole and chipotle ranch. Since then I’ve tried it all, from pork, to steak, to chicken again.

The atmosphere is also something I wasn’t used to. There is no standing in a long line to order. At Longboards you walk up to a food window inside the restaurant. The whole interior is also decorated with things that remind you of California. From the surfboard hanging over the door to the american flags and stickers all over the walls, the mood of the restaurant is that of a small-town surfing diner.

However, the service was sub-par. The food takes some time to get from the kitchen to the table. Last time it went it took nearly 10 minutes, which for a semi fast-food restaurant, is not the best. There are also plenty of seats available inside restaurant, but the hard metal chairs persuade some people to take the food to go.

Overall, I would give this restaurant a 4 out of 5 stars. The workers are nice and more than willing to help you with any questions you may have. The design of Longboards is unique and different from we normally see in our restaurants. Despite the uncomfortable chairs and long service, this restaurant is worth a try. I would highly recommend Longboards to someone interested in straying from their usual restaurants and looking for a new twist on an old idea.

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