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Little ‘Pari’ in Kansas City


Cafe Provence, local French restaurant owned by senior Sofi Quillec’s parents, is a must-try. Even though it is located in the Prairie Village shopping center, dining there feels like a true French experience. The well-decorated, dimly-lit restaurant is not only upscale and intimate, but offers an array of delicious French cuisine.

After eating there with my family recently, I was hooked. Like any restaurant, the service plays a large part in the diners’ experience. All of the servers were well-dressed and knowledgeable about every aspect of the restaurant, from the side dishes to the old-fashioned photography hanging on the walls. My waiter was even able to tell my grandma was featured in the photos. The friendly and attentive service made dining there enjoyable before I had even looked at the menu.

As soon as I opened the menu I knew I would have trouble deciding on just one entrée. Although the menu is a little more expensive, it seems to be well-priced for the type of cuisine they offer. This restaurant would be my top choice for any special occasion due to the fancier atmosphere and prices on the menu.

Cafe Provence truly offers something for everyone. The picky eater could easily stick to the Poulet aux Morilles, a pan seared chicken breast, while the more adventuresome could try Les Escargots de Bourgogne, otherwise known as the French classic, snails. I chose to start my meal with the traditional onion soup, my personal favorite, served right from the oven bubbling over with melted cheesy goodness, and my family enjoyed a date appetizer stuffed with goat cheese and pistachios.

Everything I put in my mouth from the complementary fresh baked bread to the soufflé we ordered for dessert was mouth-watering. Might I add that Monday night is soufflé night at the restaurant, the only night the French dessert is offered, so it was a lucky coincidence to dine on that evening. Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 4.54.37 PM

Even though I was satisfied with the soufflé, I wanted to check out the dessert menu just for fun. Trust me, if you manage to stop yourself from filling up on the delicious appetizers and main course (which is possible because they meals are portioned very well) you must order a dessert. There was a rather large list to pick from with items ranging from homemade sorbet to crepes to an apple tart.

The owners of Cafe Provence, unsurprisingly, received many requests from their diners looking for classic French ingredients and recipes from the restaurant. The family-owned business wanted their customers to be able to bring some of these great French eats into their home and decided to open up the French Market last November. The market is located right around the corner from the restaurant, between Tower Dry Cleaners and Clique Boutique.

The French Market is filled with freshly made soups, stews, sauces and desserts directly from the restaurant or others imported from France. The menu changes daily and can be seen on the French Market website, their Facebook page or their e-newsletter. The French Market website also features weekly recipes to try. Besides the homemade foods, you will find gourmet food products such as oils, vinegars, candies, jams and olives directly imported from France. Other items imported from France include dishes, linens and a variety of other French accessories for the home.

Between Cafe Provence and the French Market you can definitely get your French cuisine fix while you’re still in Kansas. The restaurant is an experience you won’t get anywhere else in, and the French Market allows you to take that experience into your home.

Check out more photos for the visit below.

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