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Link Leaders Halt Seminar Visits

Link Crew Leaders and freshmen participate in warm up exercises before starting the day. Photo by Mckenzie Swanson

Link Leaders will not be going to freshman seminars anymore. As this was the first year for Leaders to go, it was planned that the visits would stop after first semester.

“Since it was our first year of having a Link Leader seminar and having the Link Leaders move into the 9th grade seminars,” said Link Crew sponsor and math teacher Hannah Pence. “We thought we should be realistic in our goals and just start with one semester.”

The Link Crew Coordinators along with administration had decided to start the new seminar system. During the seminars, the Link Leaders would do short activities with the freshmen in their group, lasting for about ten minutes. While the Leaders were given a schedule of the dates, they still had some trouble trying to work around them, as they could not travel during the sessions.

“It was annoying to have to go to the cafeteria but we only went a couple of times and it was only Session A so it usually wasn’t too bad,” senior Jordan Kiehl said.

Pence was pleased with how things went this year, so she and other administrators plan to continue this next year.

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