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Letterhead is a band that isn’t afraid to diverge from what’s popular. They don’t play the alternative songs heard on the radio or the pop hits that reach the top of the charts. What you hear from Letterhead is simple, classic rock.

The brainchild of Gardner Grantham and Ian Harman, Letterhead is an all freshmen band composed of Grantham, Harman, Chris Tucker, Max Braasch, and Lily Kaufman. The band, which had at the time been playing for a year and half together, added Kaufman on vocals six months ago. Originally they called themselves First Break, but in late February they decided they wanted a new name. While Grantham was talking about the band in art class one day, East’s very own art teacher Jason Filbeck gave his suggestion. And from that day forward, the freshmen, Led Zeppelin-inspired rock band would be known as Letterhead.

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