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Let’s Talk Double Standards


Today, I read through my text messages to find all of my friends discussing all the recent gossip. They threw around terms like “slut” and “whore” in lieu of the weekend’s hookups. But, not a single word was typed, not a single emoji sent about any boys involved.

The double standard that exists regarding women’s sexuality is outrageous. If a woman hooks up with boys frequently, she is maliciously coined a “slut”. But when a boy gets around, he is highly regarded by his peers, revered even.

I have picked up my friends, and myself, from rock bottom after being shamed for their hook ups. Meanwhile, the male counterparts get pats on the back and heaps of praise from their friends. But it’s those same friends that turn around and nickname girls as sluts.

Girls self esteems and reputations are demolished by the annual publication of The Estonian, SM East’s underground newspaper. Girls from every grade are ripped on for getting blackout drunk, for partying to much and for hooking up with multiple guys. But boys are held in awe for the exact same actions.

Our community perpetuates this double standard in gossip and on paper. A woman’s sexual exploits are held against her in the worst of ways, shaming them all for sh*ts and giggles. How do we benefit from this? Why does our society continue this despicable behavior?

As a woman, I will not let the fear of being called a whore prevent me from doing what I want. I will wear what I want, I will drink when I want and I will be with who I want. And I will not succumb to the mockery and ridicule dished out by hypocritical pawns.

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Anna McClelland

Shawnee Mission East senior Anna McClelland is entering her third year on staff as Art & Design Editor. Informally, she holds the title ‘Chief of Annoying Grace Chisholm.’ She has previously worked as Spread Editor and a staff designer. Beyond The Harbinger, she serves as head Varsity Cheerleading captain and as a Pep Club Executive Officer. Anna also professionally mismatches socks. Read Full »

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