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Latin Students Place at Area Convention

There is no confusion in senior Jean Orr’s mind about how a Latin conference is perceived, and yet she still finds quite a bit of excitement and interest when competing at the Kansas Junior Classical League Convention, hosted by Blue Valley North HS.

“We go because it’s kind of a nerd-fest to hang out with other kids from around the state who are also interested in Latin,” Orr said.

Orr along with eight other classmates managed to place at this year’s convention on April 20th, attended by 250 competitors from 10 schools in the area. Meeting for a day of dionysian revelling, the students competed in a variety of Latin themed activities with individual prizes being awarded as well as a total score for each club.

“There are academic tests people take beforehand, a sight-reading competition, oratory, costume contest, art and certamen, which is like a Latin trivia game,” Orr said. “East kids participated and did well in almost every category, but because there were so few of us we didn’t win. “

East’s club was led by senior Kristen Shedor, who looks at their defeat with mixed emotions.

“We didn’t really place very well in any competition,” said Shedor. “ On the plus side, we had a hilarious skit called ‘Stuff Latin Kids Don’t Say’ and we rocked the mixer at the end of the convention. We were the only school to really start dancing and SM Northwest and BV North were super lame. So as far as coolness factor goes, East won.”

Since Shedor was a Kansas Junior Classical League officer this year, she was largely responsible for helping plan the convention and make sure it was a fun event for all the clubs involved.

“In general, the convention is a really fun way for Latin kids who aren’t really social find something social to do on a Friday night,” Shedor said. “ It seems kind of lame to be competing in Latin trivia, memorized speeches, sight reading, and costume contests but it really is an interesting night for everyone.”

Below is a list of East students who placed in their categories:

Derivatives, Level I: Phillip Olsen – Second

Mottoes, Abbrev. & Quotes, Advanced: Jean Orr – First; Sarah Goldman – Third

Mythology, Level II: Yizhou Li – Second

Mythology, Advanced: Jeemin Kim – Third

Reading Comprehension, Advanced: Kristen Shedor – Fifth

Vocabulary, Advanced: Kristen Shedor – Third; Madison Hattaway – Fifth

Sight Reading, Advanced: Aidan Robbins – Fourth

Costume – Hypnos: Isaac Halberstadt – Third

Costume – Uranus & Gaia: Jeemin Kim – Fourth; Madison Hattaway – Fourth

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