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Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas


Ever since I was a kid my mom has forced me into homemade costumes. She refused to purchase the basic princess costume from Target that I longed for. Instead, she would spend hours in Jo Ann looking for the perfect color pink for my Sleeping Beauty dress. That being said, I now loathe prepackaged store-bought costumes.

So, with the spooktacular holiday looming over our heads like a full moon, I’ve spent the past week brainstorming possible costumes for my favorite holiday, Halloween. I searched Pinterest high and low for ideas that weren’t too cheesy, not too scary and cute at the same time. Here is a collaboration of last minute costumes that can be thrown together and still look like you put effort into it.

1920’s Flapper

Fringy and fabulous are the two words that come to mind when I think of the infamous ‘20s era. For this costume, I would find a showy flapper dress at Savers or a Halloween store in any color and pair it with coordinating heels and a bejeweled headpiece. To take it to the next level, you could even throw on some gloves and a choker. Everytime you make a move your dress will mimic your motions, making you a mesmerizing sight for the evening. In this costume you’ll be bringing the party, and remember, a little party never killed nobody.

Basic Witch

I say basic witch, but there is really no such thing. Witches come in all different styles and colors, which what makes this costume so spectacular. The variety is seemingly endless, the color scale, accessories and details are endless. Whether you choose to be spidery, cute, or a more classic-style witch. This costume allows you the freedom to deck out in black with a silk dress, complete with billowing lace sleeves covered with spiders from the costume store and a big pointy hat. It also allows you to take more of a beautiful, overwhelmingly sparkly, pink ballgown approach, with an over-the-top crown and a wand, like Glinda the Good Witch. If you aren’t so into going all out, you can simply raid your closet for black clothes. For instance, a black skater skirt and a cute top will work just fine. Then you can call it a day by topping the outfit off with a pointy hat from Target.


Being a Barbie for Halloween opens so many options, anything from an old fashioned 50’s doll with cat sunglasses and high-waisted leather pants, which you can probably find at American Apparel, to a more modern Made to Move Yoga Barbie Doll. This idea would be great for a group of friends that can’t agree on one thing. Everybody can pick the Barbie they like the most and go all out. If you have a boyfriend, you can force him to go as Ken, from hair gel to handkerchief, while you get to dress in a pink mini dress. But remember, when you pose for pictures, you have to do the Barbie hand!

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Grace Kost

Gracie Kost is a junior going on her fourth semester on staff. In past years she has worked as a writer and designer for both print and online, and this year she is Opinion section editor for print. Outside of Harbinger, she is a Varsity cheerleader, JV swimmer, SHARE participant and participates in Pep Club. When she isn’t focussed on school work she spends every minute (every single minute) with friends or sleeping. Read Full »

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