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Lancer Voices: Gay Marriage

In the U.S., gay marriage is arguably one of the most important civil rights issue of our time. As more and more states are beginning to legalize marriage between LGBT couples, the idea of LGBT rights and marriage has become pressing. The issue has become so widespread that now, it is not only important to those in the LGBT community, but also to young people. Here, four East students share their opinions about gay marriage.

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Susannah Mitchell

Senior Susannah Mitchell is the Online Co-Editor of the Harbinger with her soulmate, Julia Poe. She enjoys sweaters, feminism, collaging and actor Ezra Miller, whom she believes is a total fox. Read Full »

Leah O'Connor

Leah O'Connor is currently a senior and is the Webmaster for the Harbinger Online. Along with journalism, Leah is also very active in the SME Theatre Department. She mostly works on the technical side, but also enjoys acting. Read Full »

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