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Lancer Dancers Prepare for Nationals

Sophomore Anna Dierks gives a rose to senior Audrey Phillips during the Lancer Dancer Senior Night. Photo by Katie Lamar

The Lancer Dancer Team will head to Orlando, Florida on Thursday, March 7. The team of 21 dancers makes up just Senior Lauren Hunter is greeted by one of her teammates at half court after the Hip-Hop performance by the Lancer Dancers. Photo by Joseph Clineone of the 135 teams listed to compete in this years National Dance Alliance (NDA) competition.

The NDA is a competition composed of many dance teams from all across theSenior Audrey Phillip leaps in the middle of the Lancer Dancers performance. Photo by Julia Poe. U.S. as well as teams from China and Japan. They all come together in full costume and makeup ready to do what they love, dance.

“This is the one event in the year that brings the girls closest,” coach Alexis Close said. “It’s a full commitment from each member to make the team the very best they can be.”

The Lancers have been preparing for this 2015 competition since June of 2014. This year the girls will be performing their lyrical (also called jazz) dance, “Black Hole Sun”, and their hip hop, “Astronaut” dance.

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