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KC Bernie Rally


Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders visited Kansas City for a rally last Wednesday morning at Bartle Hall. Sanders discussed a range of issues including affordable college, career politicians and combatting climate change.

Many members of the Young Democrats Club attended the rally, including senior Laurell Stegelman.

“I went to the rally because I support Bernie for his views on immigration, equal pay, decreasing the income wage gap and reducing student debt,” Stegelman said. “His views on making living wages for the working class was something I agree with. I thought it was pretty funny that some East kids made it onto the stage behind Bernie, it was pretty entertaining.”

Young Republicans Club members also attended to have fun and to learn more about Sanders’s opinions on political issues. Sophomore John John Roney went and was able to get a spot on the bleachers right behind Sanders.

“I saw this guy that had wristbands and asked him for one and what they were for,” Roney said. “It was hard because you had to act like you wanted to support Bernie to fit in.”

Roney’s political opinions differed with Sanders’, and being in a crowd of democratic socialists further emphasized that.

“Everyone there was against people who work hard, even if they don’t,” Roney said. “They complain because they have no money, but they are not trying to get a job.”

Sanders will continue visiting cities across country on his “A Future to Believe In” tour. In Kansas, you can still volunteer for the Sanders campaign by phone banking at his Kansas City offices or assisting voter registration, find more info on

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