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Kansas State Football

The Kansas State Wildcats (KSU) are underrated. ‘But they are ranked number two you say,’ or that Collin “Optimus” Klein is the frontrunner for the Heisman.

But KSU is still underrated.

They entered this season slated to finish sixth in the Big Twelve and 22 in the AP poll. This coming after a season where they started unranked and finished seventh in the BCS standings.

Even now that KSU is starting to receive credit in the eyes of BCS voters, they are still continuously underappreciated. They are picked to win games by 10 points and end up winning by 30. Collin Klein is said to have a broken throwing motion and then goes into West Virginia and throws for 323 yards.

But the thing is, the Cats are supposed to be underrated. They don’t have five star recruits and high power coaches. Instead they get by on homegrown hardworking men who buy into the Bill Snyder mantra.

Instead of playing for individual stats, they play for Snyder’s “Sixteen Keys to Success.”

They like being the underdog.

They like going into big cities with big stadiums and big money and playing smash mouth Kansan football (not the weak Lawrence kind either).

KSU football is and will continue to be underrated. If the Cats win and make it to the National Championship they will be chosen to lose. I’ll put money on that.

Everyone is going to count them out. Some people might say that KSU doesn’t have the speed or that they don’t have the strength. They might even say that KSU doesn’t have the heart and determination to hang with ‘Bama.’

But we have one of the quickest wideouts in the game in Tyler Lockett, a hard-nosed linebacker in Arthur Brown and one of the smartest, most determined quarterback-coach combos in the nation in Klein and Snyder.

So yeah, continue to underrate us.

That’s how we like it.

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