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Kansas City Coffee Shops



Hi Hat

Hi Hat feels like the world’s smallest coffee shop. It reminds me of the kind of house I imagine Hansel and Gretel living in. If you’re looking for a quaint coffee shop, then Hi Hat is the place to go.

However, because of its small size, there’s hardly anywhere inside to sit. They have a decent sized patio outdoors, but this makes it ideal only on days with nice weather. Otherwise, it’s a gamble on whether or not you’ll have a place indoors to sit.

Luckily, I went on a day when it was nice out, so I ordered a strawberry smoothie and sat outside sipping on my refreshing drink. While I’m not entirely convinced the smoothie was truly a healthy “real fruit” smoothie, the sugar filled concoction still tasted great.

I went back a second time, earlier in the morning and ordered a classic cup of coffee. I was hoping to find something a little better than my traditional Keurig-made cup of coffee I usually drink in the morning, and I was not disappointed. The coffee was exactly what I was looking for: dark and rich.

If you’re more of a “I’ll have some coffee with my cream” kind of coffee drinker, this coffee would not be for you. It was deep and strong, which is exactly what I need for a morning pick-me up. Hi Hat is my new go to for a quick cup of joe in the morning.


One More Cup

Of all the coffee shops I’ve been to, One More Cup is my preferred study spot. It’s fairly small inside,
with just a few tables and some oversized arm chairs, but it has a large covered patio full of picnic dcp_8970tables in the back. On a Saturday or Sunday morning, this place is usually packed, but on any given week day after school it’s relatively quiet and peaceful.

When I first walked in on a chilly Sunday morning, excited by the chilly October weather, I decided to order a Pumpkin Spice Latte. However, my initial excitement quickly turned into disappointment after my first sip. I expected something of similar quality to the classic Starbuck’s Pumpking Spice Latte, but was discouraged by what I received. I could tell this didn’t have nearly as much sugar as the Starbucks drinks do. It actually tasted like coffee, compared to the Starbuck’s drinks that more closely resemble hot chocolate than true coffee. It’s safe to say I’ll be sticking to Starbucks for my pumpkin spice fix.

However, what they lack for in coffee, they make up for in their “nosh” section of the menu. One dcp_9001More Cup has a much wider selection of food than most coffee shops. Their menu includes the typical baked goods assortment, but they also have an array of sandwhiches and vegan snacks. They even have mac and cheese and different soups for those chilly fall days.

My favorite part of One More Cup is the monthly calendar they have, with different deals  for each day of the month on it. It includes things like 25 cent chocolate chip cookies one day or a free extra shot of espresso another day. Every time I stop in, I make sure to grab a calendar for the month.

Whether it be for coffee with a friend on Saturday morning, or a quiet refuge for homework, I would strongly recommend One More Cup.


The Filling Station

dcp_8893The Filling Station isn’t the typical cozy, snuggle up and do some homework kind of coffee shop. It’s more of a “filling station,” where you might stop on your way to the plaza or downtown to grab a quick cup of coffee in Westport.

For me, the quality of a coffee shop is deemed by its vanilla latte, and Filling Station didn’t disappoint. However, what really did it for me was its partnership with the Doughnut Lounge. The Filling station had a small selection of donuts for sale, along with their own tasty looking baked goods. I’d been to the Doughnut Lounge before and was blown away by all of their sweet and savory creations, so when I saw that they were also offered at the Filling Station, I felt as if I had just discovered a new hidden gem.

I will definitely be back to the Filling Station, if only for the perfect combination of quality coffee and mouthwatering donuts. And if you’re not a doughnut fan, the Filling Station has you covered. They’ve got plenty of their own baked goods. From cinnamon rolls, cookies and croissants, you’re sweet tooth will be satisfied.



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