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Athlete of The Week: Jack Tyler


How long have you been playing football?

This will be my fourth year playing football. I never played when I was younger like most other guys, I actually played soccer instead. Once I got to high school I figured football would be way more fun than soccer and so I went for that instead. I’m pretty glad I made the transition, being apart of this team and group of guys has been more fun and exciting than anything I’ve ever done.

What are your expectations for the season?

Firstly, I hope we don’t lose another game. We lost once and that’s not going to happen again. Secondly, I want nothing less than another state championship. Everyone’s saying oh we lost a bunch of players, but I know we have what it takes to make it back to that championship game, and I know we can win it. Lastly, this is one that nobody thinks about. I don’t want another injury. Losing a game is one thing, but losing a teammate can really bring the team down.

What’s it like being a captain?

I really enjoy being a captain. It gives me a sense of leadership on the field, and I love the feeling I get knowing that I play such a big role in making our team successful. It also comes with a lot of responsibility, but I try my hardest to work hard and live up to everything that’s expected of me. It’s also a cool to know that all the younger kids like the freshman and sophomores all look up to me and listen to what I have to say. It’s fun being able to have that privilege. It also sounds like what a cool kid would be in a movie, The Varsity Football Captain.

Is it difficult starting both offense and defense?

I wouldn’t say that it’s difficult, but it’s different. Everyone else just has to endure one type of practice, but I have to go through both. On top of that, I also have to learn both offensive and defensive plays, which can be hard. It’s not easy but I enjoy being able to play both positions

What’s your favorite part of playing football?

I love being able to play in front of all the fans. It makes me feel so good to have a solid run or a good tackle and hear the reaction from the student section. Without the crowd, the game’s wouldn’t be half as fun. Not just playing for the fans, but also playing for my parents. I get a great feeling knowing my parents will be proud of me, and I get like a sense of honor being able to play for them.

Do you have an athlete you look up to?

I have always been a huge fan of Darren Sproles. He plays a similar position as me, so I like to think that he and I can relate. He is from a high school not far from here which really shows that you can be something no matter where you are from. On top of all that, he went to my favorite college, K State, and then went on to the pros to be a starting running back. The fact that he is from around here and plays professional football really gets to me.

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