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Increase in Car Break-ins in Mission Hills


Photo by Libby Wilson

The city of Mission Hills has seen an increase in the number of car break-ins in the city. Many of the cars broken into were unlocked and had valuables visible. The cars were also on the street and in driveways, not in garages, according to the city.

Resident Steven Zanone had his black forerunner broken into a few months ago. The car had been unlocked in the driveway, according to Zanone. His unlocked car was broken into around 3 a.m. by three men dressed in black. Zanone heard his neighbor’s dog barking early in the morning;he didn’t think much of it until he saw his car the next morning.

“I knew that the car was broken into because [the men] had emptied the glove box, opened my window visors and the contents of the middle console were all over the driver’s seat,” Zanone said. “Luckily, I didn’t have anything of value in there and they didn’t break any windows.”

City police caught the robbers shortly after but have still seen an increase in theft. This is a result of more people are leaving cars unlocked and valuables visible.  

According to news reports by the PV Post, the biggest case of theft was a Range Rover parked in a Mission Hills driveway. The Range Rover was left unlocked with keys in the car. The robber broke into the car and started driving the car down the street. Police chased the car down State Line for miles, until the driver finally crashed in a Leawood home. No one was hurt and luckily the thieves were caught, however there was some damage to the home.

After this incident, Mission Hills released a warning to all residents. The statement advised all resident to lock their cars, hide valuables and store cars in garages if possible.

The city has also advised residents to set house alarms, have house light timers and keep a log of all valuables in the home.

Mission Hills has also noticeably increased their security around the neighborhood, and now more police cars can be found patrolling the streets, especially around dusk and nighttime hours. Police have also started patrolling city parties where streets may be packed with cars.

“[According to the city] police have also started checking to make sure cars are locked and valuables hidden,” Zanone said. “Now, they have started knocking on resident’s door if cars are found unlocked.”

City police have also advised residents to call 911 if they see any suspicious behavior in the neighborhood.

To find out more about car break-ins safety, visit the Mission Hills City website.

Check out Pauline Shaver’s interactive about car break-ins here

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