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Inauguration Recap

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Donald Trump took the oath to office and was inaugurated on Jan. 20. The inauguration was held outside the capitol building in Washington, D.C. Trump’s inauguration didn’t draw nearly the same size crowd as former President Barack Obama’s did.  In 2009, the National Mall estimated that Obama drew around 1.8 million people, the most in history. Along with Obama’s address, he had performances from Beyonce and Aretha Franklin.

This year at Trump’s ceremony, the crowd appeared significantly smaller. But, he still had performers like Toby Keith, The Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Jackie Evancho and the Missouri State University Choir. People stretched back to the Washington Monument, two and a half miles from the capitol, to watch the inauguration.

After the introductions, Trump was sworn in by Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, with his hand on two bibles. The new president’s inaugural address, written by White House counselors Steve Bannon and Stephen Miller, lasted 16 minutes. His speech  followed up with his populist ideas that focused on making the middle class voices heard.

“It will be different for everyone, but he is our president so Americans should try to have a positive outlook on it,” junior Alyssa Vuillemin said.

He reinforced his goals to rebuild the United States and restore promises of their involvement in his decisions to the people. Trump was very firm with his beliefs  that the power will be in the hands of the people during his time in the White House. The “forgotten” voices will be heard.

Trump was most enthusiastic about making the United States the most powerful and wealthy country. He made it clear that with jobs, industry, trade and immigration Americans will be put first.

“We will follow two simple rules,” Trump said in his speech. “Buy American, hire American.”

He covered his idea of bringing the U.S. to the top. He didn’t go into specific details about how he is going to achieve this or any of his other goals. Trump’s speech excited some for his presidency, while outraging others. Across the nation “Women’s Marches” took place in protest of Trump’s policies.

“His speech didn’t address anything he is planning to do,” junior Scheele Prust said. “He was very broad and didn’t put [the] millions protesting at ease.”

Over 600 protests took place all over in cities including New York, Chicago, Washington D.C., Denver and Kansas City. Almost two million people  joined the  “Women’s March” to support women’s rights. Celebrities spoke out about the country’s morals towards women. The rallies were meant to  support  women’s and civil rights.  They received worldwide support from Paris, Mexico City, London and Berlin. According to Fox4 News, Kansas City had an estimated 10,000 people that took part in the event at Washington Square Park.

Despite the controversy, Trump has began implementing his plans for the future of the United States. As Trump said in his speech,   “We are one nation… We share one heart, one home and a glorious destiny.”


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