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IB to See “12 Years a Slave”

After a student suggested seeing it, the junior International Baccalaureate class will be taking a field trip Wednesday, Feb. 5 to the Leawood Theatre in Ranchmart to see the historical drama movie, “12 Years a Slave”. The class is planning on seeing the movie to add to the information they learned about the Civil War during their History of the Americas class.

“I was super excited [when I heard about going to the movie], especially because we don’t get field trips as often,” junior Shrushti Mehta said.

“12 Years a Slave” is a movie following a freed African-American who was captured in New York and then forced to return to the South. He was sold into slavery and spent 12 years as a slave before being free once more.

“I think it is [a good idea for students to see the movie],” Mehta said. “It gives us a more visual look at what slave life was. It adds to the chapter.”

If there is a snow day on Wednesday, the class will see the movie next week on Friday, Feb. 14.

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