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How to be single: Review


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I love going to movies on the weekends and I thought “How to be Single” would be a funny chick flick for my friends. I love Rebel Wilson and I think that every movie that she is in will automatically be funny. But it did not live up to my expectations.

The movie follows five different characters and their story of finding or never finding love. Alice, played by Dakota Johnson, has been dating the same guy for four years. Right after she graduates college, she decides to break up with him so she can experience other relationships. She wants to see what life is like without a boyfriend to worry about. Alice has to learn how to live after college, especially without the “love of her life.” But Alice is way too dependent on men, she cannot even unzip her own dress without a man doing it for her.  

Alice’s sister, Meg, played by Leslie Mann, refuses to depend on anyone besides herself. Meg insists she does not want children, but then she spends time with a baby and changes her mind. She then decides to have a child on her own via sperm donor. Her whole perspective changed because she enjoyed being around one child.=

The two minor characters fill space during the movie. Tom, played by Anders Holm, owns a bar and tries to sleep with as many women as possible. The fourth character is Lucy, played by Alison Brie, and she creates a dating website to find the “right man.” Lucy is obsessed with her relationships once she starts them she makes a scrapbook for her boyfriend only three weeks into dating him.

Robin, played by Rebel Wilson, is my favorite character. Robin is a classic Rebel Wilson character; she provides almost all of the comedic relief. Everything funny about the movie came from her.  Robin wants to just have one night stands and get drunk every night. Her main role is to offer advice to Alice, although it is rarely helpful. I love when Alice tries to use an emoji when texting a guy, but Robin runs up to her screaming and steals her phone away. She also says that it takes her 27 drinks to be wild and crazy while it takes Alice only three.

Throughout the whole movie the characters go through ups and downs, trying to figure out how to live their lives being single. They all have moments where they miss their ex’s or they want to have a boyfriends. Each story shows a different way to live your romantic life. Date a guy for years. Have one night stands. Have a child on your own. Stay single forever. It felt like I was watching six different movies, and I would get confused sometimes as to who was doing what.

Overall, the movie includes jokes but they are not really that funny. The jokes feel very forced. I feel that Rebel Wilson should have been a more leading role because she had the funniest moments in the movie. She could have had more moments to share her sense of humor.

The movie is supposed to be a romantic comedy, but it is not really romantic or funny. I expected to be laughing the whole time and relating to the characters but I did not find myself doing that at all. It was just lacking that spark that movies need. I would say go see the movie if you are bored or just in the mood to eat some buttery popcorn.

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