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Homecoming Theme is “A Night in KSME”

STUCO has voted on the theme “A Night in KSME” for the annual Homecoming dance on Saturday.

The STUCO social committee is in charge of planning the dances and decorating the venue, and they are nearly complete with their preparations for the dance.

“It’s basically going to be Kansas City through the ages,” senior Camille Moore said. “We kind of want to do a more western Kansas vibe on the ramp going down and when you enter in [the cafeteria] it is just going to be Kansas City everything.”

Moore, co-chair of the social committee with junior Katie Hise, believes that the planning is right on schedule. To accomplish their vision of KSME, they have ordered streamers and sunflowers and enlisted a friend to recreate the well-known “KC I’m so in love” wall. All that is left to do is setup on Saturday morning, which will take an estimated three hours.

STUCO sells homecoming tickets outside of room 307 before and after school and in the cafeteria during lunch. They are $10 each in advance and $20 each at the dance.

Other homecoming-related accessories available for purchase are columbia blue bow ties for $25 from cheerleaders, and red or white flower boutonnieres for $15 from the Lancer dancers. Both can be bought during lunch outside the cafeteria and are fundraisers for the teams.

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