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Homecoming Candidates Announced Today


Senior Christian Kennedy receives her crown after being woken up

Photos by Ava Simonson

This morning at 6:00 a.m.,  16 seniors across the East area were woken up to the sound of pots and pans and whistles by various Student Council members wielding kazoos and confetti. These Homecoming court candidates were handed their crowns and directed to the McDonalds at 95th and Mission for a candidate breakfast.

They will gather again in room 307 this afternoon to discuss their activities in the upcoming days, such as an official group picture on Thursday. After an election next week, the Homecoming Queen will be announced at the Oct. 6 game at SM North, and the King will be announced at the Homecoming Dance on Oct. 8.

Queen Candidates

Hayley E. Bell

Ellie Booton

Porter Carroll

Anna Dierks

Celia Hack

Christian Kennedy

Katie Kuhlman

Allie Libeer

King Candidates

John Arnspiger

Will Clough

Jacob DeSett

Peter Haynes

Ryan Kahle

Eli Kurlbaum

Carl Young

Guanghao Yu

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