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Harbinger 2015-2016 Staff Announced

Print Positions

Thomas John Sherk III

Co-Assistant Editors
Claire Pottenger
Will Clough

Head Copy Editor
Ellie Booton

Art & Design Co-Editors
Aidan Epstein
Yashi Wang

Co-Photo Editors
Callie McPhail
Hailey Hughes

Co-Assistant Photo Editors
Joseph Cline
Haley Bell

A&E Section Editor
Anna Dierks

Features Section Editor
Chloe Stanford

Opinion Section Editor
Courtney McClelland

Sports Section Editor
Caleb Krakow

News Section Editor
Caroline Heitmann

Editorial Editor
Chase Tetrick

Spread Editor
Ellie Cook

Assistant Spread Editors
Daisy Bolin
Annie Jones

Copy Editors
Kylie Schultz
Elaine Chamberlain
Tommy Sherk
Ellie Booton
Claire Pottenger
Will Clough
Caroline Heitmann
Chloe Stanford
Courtney McClelland
Daisy Bolin

Circulation Manager
Elizabeth Anderson

Business and Advertising Manager
Grace Chisholm

Staff Photographers
Kaitlyn Stratman
Elizabeth Anderson
Allison Stockwell
Abby Blake
Isabel Miller
Molly Manske
Ellie Thorma
Diana Percy
Jessica Iler
Maddie Smiley
Hannah McPhail

Ava Simonsen

Page Designers
Ali Lee-Freelance
Abby Walker
Katie Hise
Teagan Noblitt
Annie Jones
Daisy Bolin
Robbie Veglahn
Catherine Brown
Marti Fromm
Grace Apodaca
Harrison Gooley
Morgan Biles
Kaylin Mccon
Megan Zellmer
Seamus Carrol
Sofia Stechschulte
Porter Carroll
Isabel Epstein- feature
Ellie Mitchell- Opinion
Anna McClelland- a&e
Jessica Parker

Staff Writers (Write print/online every other issue)
Mac Newman

Staff Artist
​Lennah Cardozo

Online Positions

Online Editor-in-Chief
Michael Kraske
Ellie Cook

Online Assistant Editors
Tyler Keys
Celia Hack

Online Head Copy Editor
Kylie Schultz

Online Assistant Head Copy Editor
Caroline Heitmann

Broadcast Editor
Ellis Nepstad

Video Editor
Matthew Bruyere

Online Convergence Editor
Sean Overton

Online Photo Editor
Katie Lamar

Online Assistant Photo Editor
Morgan Browning
Abby Hans

Leah O’Connor
Nick Mantel
Alex Masson

News Section Editor
Anna Kanaley

Sports Section Editor
Davis Finke
Reser Hall

Opinion Section Editor
Olivia Favreau

A&E Editor
Jemima Swindells

Social Media Director
Matthew Kaplan

Multimedia Staff
Gabe Snyder
Nick Mantel
Lennah Cardozo
John John Roney
Will Hembree
Joe McLiney

John John Roney

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