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Harbie Super Bowl Party Guide

The Super Bowl- the annual tradition of watching two of the NFL’s best teams battle it out in the ultimate showdown, eating great food with friends and winning (or losing) high-staking bets. It’s important to have a great party because the Super Bowl only comes around once a year, and you want to make it memorable because you won’t get another chance to have an awesome party until next year. Here’s my guide to throwing the best Super Bowl party possible:
Food is arguably the most important part of the viewing experience. Without delicious food, watching the Super Bowl just isn’t the same. Here is a list of the best foods and drinks for the big night.
Wings – Lots of them. You can never have enough wings. Everyone will love the honey bbq wings, but others prefer spicy wings. Make sure to have a variety.
Water – Make it easily accessible- those wings are going to be hot.
Pizza – One of the only foods that everyone at your party will enjoy. Guaranteed.
Soda- Get all types. You will run out- you can almost never have enough. It doesn’t have to be name brand- nobody will know if they’re in solo cups. It’ll save you a few bucks.
Chips- A variety is good to have, but isn’t necessary. Chips are not the highlight of the meal, but they are a given. Lays, Doritos and tortilla chips will do you just fine. Also, any dipping sauce for your chips you find appetizing. I recommend cheese sauce, salsa, and some guacamole.
Desserts- This is where you can get creative, but if you want to stick to the basics- I’d go with some cookies, brownies, and/or ice cream.
Your Super Bowl party is always more fun with some people – and not so much with others. Here’s who to invite, and who not to invite.
1.That one friend who is rooting against everybody else. He or she makes things more interesting.
2.The bookie. There are sure to be some bets – if not, your party won’t be nearly as fun.
3. We all know at least one of these people – the guy who’s mom makes him bring food to be polite, and it turns out to be some of the best food you’ve ever
Don’t Invite
1. The commentator. He or she thinks he knows all the official terms and isn’t afraid to show it. They will get really annoying and can nearly ruin the whole game.
2. The broke guy. The guy who is either scared to bet, or has no money. Either way he doesn’t provide much to the excitement of the game.

3. The guy who has to leave early. There’s no point in coming if you’re not going to stay for the whole game.CommercialsThis is not the time to get up and take that pee that you’ve been holding in for the past hour. The commercials are one of the best parts of the game. Companies spending millions of dollars for funny commercials you get to see for the first time is something you want to see- and they won’t let you down.

Another important factor to a successful Super Bowl party is the obvious- a flat screen TV. Without it, your viewing experience just isn’t the same.

The Super Bowl only comes around once a year, so why not make your party an awesome one? If you don’t follow these steps, your party will most likely not be memorable. Don’t let the team down, and follow these steps for an amazing Super Bowl party.  

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