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Harbie Playlist : Week of 2/15


The usual stress of high school can be overwhelming. My cure is making lists and listening to music. This playlist is my cure for you. It combines alternative/indie and rap, my two favorite genres. The songs contain motivating and soothing beats: perfect for doing homework and relaxing.

Lord Willin’ — Logic
My current favorite song and favorite from Logic’s amazing new album; “The Incredible True Story.” This album is perfect for anyone who likes rap and a good beat

Your Soul — Hippie Sabotage
The only non-rap or alternative song in this playlist. Instead it is the most chill. With a unique and exciting beat, this song is for those days when you feel like just relaxing in bed.

I’m So Sorry — Imagine Dragons
Imagine Dragons constantly produces great alternative songs, and this is my favorite since Radioactive came out. It’s a motivational song that gets you pumped to do some math homework.

I Am The Greatest — Logic
Similar to Lord Willin’, this is another song that contains all of the best components of rap music.

All Time Low — Jon Bellion
A well-known intro song and very relaxing, All Time Low fits right into this list.

Some Kind of Drug — G-Eazy
Another soothing tune, and what I think is G-Eazy’s best lesser known song.

Exchange — Bryson Tiller
T R A P S O U L is Bryson Tiller’s trending new album. “Exchange” is my favorite from it. As a rap and hip hop medley, it is very calming.

Somewhere in Paradise — Chance The Rapper
Chance’s newest single is another great rap tune. With thrilling rap verses and beats, it belongs in this list.

Inside Out- Spoon
This song from 2014 is my favorite Spoon tune. Similar to “Your Soul”, this song has a very relaxing beat.

The Rat — The Walkmen
Concluding this playlist with another old but gold song. The Rat goes along with a common theme in this list of having a great beat.

Make It Right — The Greeting Committee
This local band released its debut album last October, including this great indie song.

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