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Harbie Playlist week of 1/18


This playlist is put together for those perfect moments, driving down your favorite secluded street when it’s strangely sunny and 58 degrees in January. When you’re doing your homework with an unusual smile on your face, or when you are just in a good mood for no reason. Wanting to kick it back to vintage and oldie sounding music is easily achieved by giving this playlist a listen. These ten songs are sure to allow an easy-going moment make you feel genuinely happy.

Babylon – David Gray

The laid back vibe of Babylon is part of why I chose this song. It comes across as mellow until the chorus makes you want to sway back and forth with a best friend. I love this song and think it creates the overall mood of this playlist.

Skinny Love – Bon Iver

I’d say that Skinny Love is a pretty well known song and that only makes this playlist stronger. The sound of the instruments and soft voice are things that I adore about this song. The sweet-sounding song is a great addition to the relaxed playlist.

You Can Call Me Al – Paul Simon

This oldie up-beat song only adds playfulness to the playlist, giving it a certain good-mood feel and adding a song that makes me want to dance.

Brown Eyed Girl – Van Morrison

Beach. All I think of when hearing the opening instrumentals to this song. I love it and think it for sure adds a little something to the playlist. And the lyrics of this song only make it so much better.

Like a Rolling Stone – Bob Dylan

Adding a song like this was only necessary to achieve the relaxed feeling when I listen to it. This song combines with all the others to feel like there are no cares in the world.

Take it Easy – Eagles

The title of this song speaks for itself. Take it Easy is a classic song that brings out the overall oldie sound of this playlist that I love.

Piano Man – Billy Joel

Just another well-known addition that calls for slow swaying and singing along. Piano Man encaptures a lot of the purpose of this playlist.

Blackbird – The Beatles

With their recent joining of Spotify I thought adding at least one of their songs to the playlist was important. This one especially, with its slow and almost quiet sound, is one of my favorite Beatles songs and I thought it was a great add.

The Joker – Steve Miller Band

The main chorus of this song is one of the main reasons I added it. Its repetition and almost playfulness is something I love about it.

Shine On – The Kooks

This song has such a laid back feeling that I couldn’t resist adding it. It supports my purpose of this playlist by being the perfect sunny day listen while driving with the windows down.

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