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Happy Club began 2 years ago by a student named Sydney Bahr, who was a senior at that time. She wanted to put smiles on people’s faces at East with little random acts of kindess.

Allison Benson, co-president of Happy Club, says,”The main goal is to help make east a positive community and give reasons for people to be happy. And to show [happiness] can completely change [someone’s] day.”

Happy Club does many random deeds to help the students and bring happiness into their lives. Benson says,”My favorite thing that we have done would be during finals week we have a sign that says, ‘take what you need’ on the fifith floor stairwell.” Happy Club puts sticky notes on the windows on the 5th floor of the school that all have positive, encouraging, and funny little advice or support that you may need to get through finals week.

Happy Club meets every other Thursday outside of the auxillary gym at 7:15 before school.

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