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Guide to the Fall Play: Plan 9

What’s the play?
The fall play is, “Plan 9 From Outer Space.”

What’s it about?
“Plan 9” is based off of the classic 1959 film of the same name. The plot centers around pilot Jeff Trent, his wife Paula and the San Fernando, Calif. police force as they battle both zombies and aliens. They encounter a group of aliens and their commander, Eros, who decides to implement the menacing Plan 9, which resurrects the dead.

Who’s in it?
The main cast includes Chase Ainsworth (12) as Jeff Trent, Annie Sullivan (12) as Paula Trent, Connor Woodson (12) as Eros, and Bridgette Beasley (11) as Criswell.

When is it?
The play is showing Nov. 8, 9 and 10.

Where is it?
“Plan 9” is being performed in the Dan Zollars Auditorium.

What’s been going on with the show?
According to student director Malcolm Gibbs, “We’ve had some [funny stories about] getting the different voices down. Working on the Swedish accent for Jacob King’s character Inspector Clay, and the southern drawl for Mack Rehm’s character, Danny.”

Why “Plan 9” and not another show?
Directors Brian Cappello and Thomas DeFeo are both big fans of the movie. “They saw the campiness and the cheesiness of the acting that make it truly funny,” said Gibbs.

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