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Guide To Being A Fit Girl

What is the Fit Girl “28-Day Challenge”?

It’s an ebook containing a beginner-friendly lifestyle change (not diet) plan. The ebook is packed with meal plans, a full exercise plan and tons of tips for healthy living that my whole family and friends all joined in on.

The Overall Experience:

I give the 28-day jumpstart a full five stars. Diets suck but this “challenge” was different. As cheesy as it sounds, it made it enjoyable and easy to stick to the plan Fit Girls layed out. If you’re looking to get that spring break body, jumpstart your school year or just feel great about yourself, I would go to the Fit Girls website and download the $30 ebook. It gave me the assurance that the food I was putting in my body was clean and healthy, yet still fueling me. Convince your family to become a “Fit- Family” or grab some of your friends who will keep you inspired, because I could never have done it alone. Due to my mom’s fantastic cooking and meal prep abilities and having our pantry and fridge stocked with Fit Girl food, I’ve successfully completed the challenge. But it doesn’t end there. I will still use these recipes because of how easy they were (not when you’re doing the FULL meal plan) and how they truly made me feel like a Fit Girl. The two main points of the challenge are to change food habits and to encourage living a healthy lifestyle, here is a breakdown of what I thought of each.

The Food:

Clean and delicious: that is how I would describe the food. It may have been because I was practically eating my hand before meals I was so hungry, but I honestly enjoyed every meal. They never made me feel greasy or bloated, and provided me the energy I needed for the day.

Fit Girls works by providing an ebook (which I printed out for my not-so tech savvy mom), with weekly grocery lists. You eat the same breakfast, lunch and two choices for dinner. The grocery lists were very straight forward, and introduced my family to new, healthy foods we never knew existed, like almond butter, chia seeds and agave nectar.

Although the rest of my family was dreading eating the same foods by the third day of each week, I never got sick of them. Especially the “Grown up Girl Cheese,”– a grilled cheese sandwich– with artichokes, turkey and tomatoes. I even had it for dinner the night after I finished the challenge because I was craving it. The “Overnight Oats” were another favorite and became a staple for my mornings.

A common trend through the challenge was loading your plate up with veggies, veggies and more veggies. Protein and whole grain carbs, which are nothing to be afraid of, filled the rest of the dishes. The plan had barely any sodium, which I quickly realized is very hard to avoid.

With the great food came a great amount of prep time. I was lucky that my mom did all the cooking for my whole family, because I couldn’t have done it on my own.

The obvious downside is the fact that you can’t eat food outside of the plan, which can make it kind of awkward and difficult to turn down food everywhere you go. There were some times when I had to eat out, considering I went out of town for four days at the end of the challenge. However, by then I had become a pro at making faux-Fit Girl meals! For instance I tried getting an “unwich” (ditching the bread) from Jimmy Johns, loaded with veggies and turkey or passing up the chips offered at Mexican restaurants.

The Lifestyle:

Out of the 200 page guide, only 20 pages are recipes and grocery lists. The other 180 pages are filled with tips for sleeping, when to weigh in, what to do if you cheated the diet, an exercise guide and tons of random facts about being a Fit Girl. These range from “progress not perfection,” comparing your body to different fruits (one of the more humorous ways to define your body) and the definition of clean eating. I didn’t really get into this part of the book.

Although the ebook’s design itself was adorable with its retro theme, the book could have honestly just been the meal plans. I rarely did the exercises, because I exercise daily at tennis practice so they were useless to me.  

There is also a big Instagram community, for example I could have made an account like @FitGirlAidan and shared my progress with the Fit Girl community. This could come in handy when needing motivation during the challenge. I didn’t make an account for myself, but still looked through other Fit Girls and their progress!

A major lifestyle change is having accountability and knowledge of what to eat. You can’t avoid food, so when I go to restaurants now I ditch the fries, get extra veggies on the side and get my sandwich with an open face. I also don’t linger in my kitchen when dinner is over.

My appetite has also decreased. I know how my body reacts to foods and I weirdly, but thankfully, crave fruits and veggies over Cheez-Its and ice cream. I also have a new confidence in my step, knowing that I accomplished the challenge and know the new Fit Girl way to live.





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