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Gnome Home: A Harbinger Online Contest

The Gnome Home: Contest and Rules Page

Grand Prize: Feature story in The Harbinger Online and a $40 cash prize

Second Place winner: $15 iTunes gift card

Dates: April 1 to April 15

What: A scavenger hunt around Shawnee Mission East using clues provided by Gnome Doors hidden around the school.

Gnome Home Location: Outside entrance to the Main Office

What to do on April 1: Go to the Gnome Home Door and follow the first clue. You will need to take a picture once you arrive at the place described in the clue and send it to

What to do on April 5: Go to the Gnome Home Door and either scan the code or go to the URL provided. You will need  to take a picture once you arrive at the clue’s destination and send it to


1. The contest begins April 1, 2011. Search for the Gnome Home door’s location starting on April 1. If you can’t find the Gnome Home Door, check back on Gnome Home (this webpage) for the starting location.

2. The first person to complete the gnome door scavenger hunt will win the competition.

3. Scan the code inside the door into your phone to lead you to the next clue or the next door. You can also use the URLs that are in the doors if you do not have a smartphone.

How to play:

1. Download a bar code scanner (QR scanner or QuickMark recommended; AT&T scanner may not work). Scan the code inside the Gnome Home door with your smart phone. Make sure you get all of the code inside the viewing window of the scanner. If you do not have this ability to scan the code, use the URL given in the door instead.

2. Check the Gnome Home door for new clues/barcodes. This door is will be there for the entirety of the competition and will be where you begin the scavenger hunt. Remember a new door will be put up everyday.

3. Follow the new clue every other day to complete all the tasks! When you finish the task for the day, send in your answer to In order to proceed to the next clue for the following day, you must first send in the answers to clues from all past doors.


  • If the clue is a picture of a location, the next clue is in that location and you need to go there to find the next door.
  • If the clue is a question it will lead you to another part of The Harbinger’s website where you need to find the next clue.
  • On some days you will need to take a picture at the location of either a clue or a door. A gallery will be put up on the website of all of the sent in pictures. Send all answers to Without the answers you can’t get points for playing!
  • Don’t wait to compete. Remember, time is of the essence. This scavenger hunt is a race.
  • If you have any more questions, send them to

Gnome is where The Harbie is.

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