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Give em’ Health: Yoga Benefits

My hand slams down on the snooze button… just five more minutes of precious sleep. If only there was a way to wake up once and be full of energy. While it isn’t a perfect cup of coffee to wake you up, Yoga can help wake up the mind and body, and prepare you for the day ahead. Here are a few of my favorite poses to help give energy and help you to rise and shine to your full capabilities.

Childs Pose

This pose is super easy, and if you were to do any of these, choose this one. Child’s pose aims to stretch the ankles and hips, along with thighs to relieve stress and engage the torso.



Cobra Pose

This particular pose aids the heart and elevates mood, and helps flexibility. This is one of my favorite poses when i want to get a quick stretch going in my abs.


Sundial Salutation

This pose does exactly what it sounds like.. welcome the day. Sundial Salutation helps stretch the shoulders and the inner thighs.


Three Legged Dog

Not only does this pose make you look like a dancer, but it also helps flexibility in the hips and aligns the back along with rejuvenating your whole body.


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Lucy Hoffman

Lucy Hoffman is a junior at Shawnee Mission East and is the Mobile Media editor. In her free time she enjoys running and does track and cross country. She also participates in Coalition and Share. She can often be found crafting, sewing or baking, as these are her favorite non-school activities. Read Full »

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