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Give Em’ Health: Power Life Yoga

To be honest, yoga is something I typically wouldn’t picture myself getting super involved in.  But with the opening of Power Life Yoga in Corinth Square, it was inevitable for me to try out classes at some point.  For me, Power Life Yoga proved to be a fun and different way to workout.  Here is a breakdown of what to expect and gain from each class.  


Power Sculpt

Bring a towel and water bottle to this class, as you’ll most likely leave the class dripping.  The mixture of the 98 degree heat, cardio bursts, and weights in this class will provide you with a full-body workout.  Power Sculpt is a combination of different weight training exercises, fast-paced yoga and cardio. The class begins with stretching, and then starts to pick up with a yoga flow (a sequence of different yoga poses).  Unlike a typical yoga class, the yoga flow in Power Sculpt consists of 3-6 pound weights.  Throughout a Power Sculpt class, there are 30-60 second “cardio bursts,” which can consist of anything from mountain climbers to squats.  Power Sculpt aims to tone all parts of your body and will leave you sore the next day. Trust me–the cold, lavender-scented washcloths they offer at the end of this class will be refreshing.

Cardio Barre

No, you don’t have to be a ballerina or have an ounce of grace to take this class.  Cardio barre is a class geared towards cardio exercises, and the instructors will uses a variety of equipment (like thera bands and medicine balls) to whip you into shape.  I’ve never taken a barre class, so the barre aspect of this class was something completely new for me.  We did  a combination of unique exercises on the right side, and repeated them on the left.  Similar to the power sculpt class, throughout this class there were bursts of cardio, however the bursts came much more frequently in this class.  To get your cardio kick in for the day, this class is the one to hit.  Although a lot of cardio can sound intense, the class always begins and ends with yoga stretches, to help rejuvenate the mind.

Power 1.5 and 2

If you’re looking for a mixture of relaxation and rigor, these are the classes for you.  Both classes are done in a heated room, involve deep breathing and relaxing yoga flows.  These classes work up to a “peak pose” in the middle of the class.  However, Power 2’s peak pose will be a bit more challenging than Power 1.5’s peak pose.  A typical peak pose for Power 1.5 may be crow, but for Power 2, a peak pose may be flying crow.  Similarly, Power 2’s yoga flows may be performed at a bit faster pace than Power 1.5’s.  These yoga classes won’t involve a ton of cardio, but will be focused more on clearing the mind and detoxing stress.  These are the classes to hit if you’re looking for a good stretch and sweat.

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