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Girls’ Basketball Teams Announced

Rosters for the 2016-2017 girls’ basketball season were posted on the lady lancer basketball website on Wednesday.

Forty-seven girls each claimed spots on one of four teams: freshman, developmental, junior varsity and varsity.

According to varsity head coach Lauren Lawrence, this year’s tryouts featured strong leadership from upperclassmen and an impressive freshman turnout. Players were evaluated based on athletic ability, offensive skill, defensive positioning, communication and effort. Each day of tryouts also included a defensive and offensive thought of the day, accompanied by a quote, in order to inspire the players.

“For the first day, the quote was ‘There is no substitute for paying attention,’ and I think the girls really took that to heart,” Lawrence said. “They were are coachable, and I am anxious to watch their development over the course of the season.”

Last year’s record for the varsity team was 4-16. The lady lancers will face Shawnee Mission South in the first game of the season on Dec. 1.

Follow the link to view team results.

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Grace Chisholm

Grace Chisholm is a senior at Shawnee Mission East and co-Editor-in-Chief of the Harbinger. A La Croix enthusiast and amateur painter, Grace loves telling stories and watching staffers grow. After three years on staff, it’s finally her time to shine on aux at deadline. Along with Harbinger, Grace keeps herself sleep-deprived while playing tennis and soccer, singing in chamber choir and chairing SHARE projects. Despite her busy schedule, Grace still keeps sight of the ... Read Full »

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