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Getting Down with Uptown KC: Views from the 816

My hometown is famous for many things: baseball, barbeque, and its beautiful views. For those of you on the hunt of the best views of Kansas City, here’s a definitive ranking of my favorites.

  1. Waterworks Park

Waterworks Park is a lesser known spot tucked behind trees in North Kansas City. Its view from north of the river gives almost a full glimpse of the KC skyline but is somewhat obstructed by dozens of oak trees. This park sits alone atop a hill and was home to many of my picnics growing up.

[media-credit id=3695 align=”aligncenter” width=”261″]Photo by Elle[/media-credit]
  1. West terrace Park

West Terrace Park, one of the oldest parks in the city, is a hidden gem for an aerial view of the West Bottoms. The stone pillars built into the hillside provide an escape from the busy city, setting the park away from hustle and bustle on Quality Hill.  Unlike its neighboring look-out point, the Liberty Memorial, West Terrace Park is rarely crowded. It is easily accessible any season and always gives the same, beautiful look over the train tracks.

  1. Observation deck at Liberty

After purchasing the $5 ticket and a cramped elevator ride and up 45 steps, I finally reach the top of Liberty Memorial. The breeze from the top of the tower makes the 90° day feel like the much anticipated fall day I was hoping it would be. The observation deck offers a panoramic view from the heart of the Kansas City crossroads and some pretty great photo opportunities if you catch it one a day without too strong of a breeze.

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  1. 42nd floor of Sheraton

The Sheraton hotel on McGee is KC Famous for its once spinning restaurant on the 42 floor. It does not spin anymore, but the sheer altitude drop and ear-popping sensation on the way up compensates for the lack of fear factor. Entrance onto the top floor requires a key card, given to me by a very nice concierge named Chris, and requires a little bit of persuasion. All of our hard work was well worth it once the clear view of downtown KC set in and Chris left us to take in the scenery with nothing to interrupt but the subtle sway of the Sheraton Club. If you are willing to take the time, this truly hosts the best view of the city.

[media-credit id=3695 align=”aligncenter” width=”150″]Photo by Elle[/media-credit]

And now, here’s 16 songs to listen to while looking over the beautiful views of the city.


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