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Gallery: Spanish 4 Karaoke

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Señora Holder’s Spanish 4 class held a karaoke party during second hour on Thursday. Senior William Schmidt started the performances by singing a Spanish rendition of “Angel of the Morning.” He was followed by his brother, senior Isaac Schmidt, and senior Deegan Poores singing “Hotel California.” After, seniors Bria Foley, Camille Moore and Carolyn Kinney led the class in the Cupid Shuffle. Poores then returned to the front of the classroom to rap to R Kelly’s “Ignition” entirely in Spanish. Next, juniors Emma Renwick, Madeline Hlobik and Isabel Epstein sang High School Musical songs while Poores and Isaac Schmidt danced along. After their performances, the singers and dancers formed a human pyramid. Senior William Schmidt returned for another solo, followed by a class dance. Senior Isaac Schmidt ended the karaoke party with “Vamos a la Playa.”


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