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Gallery: Frequent Friday Preperation

In preparation for this week’s Frequent Friday, Meet Me at O’Malley’s, cast members and theatre students stuck around after school throughout the week to rehearse and help paint props. The play takes place in a bar and follows the perspectives of three different couples on a date night. The original one-act play was written and directed by Meg McSweeny, who recently won first place in the Shooting Stars scholarship for production and design. The scholarship is awarded to only one person from a select pool of finalists. As the last Frequent Friday of the year, the cast of underclassmen are stepping up to take on the productions next year. McSweeny said,”It’s just been great getting to know [my cast members] and they’re all really fun and they’re all friends too so it’s just a really fun place”.


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Annie Lomshek

Senior photographer on the Harbinger staff, Annie has worked three years with her peers to produce this publication. Countless times she has gotten messages from the IB group chat in the late hours of the night. Sometimes to share details for an assignment, sometimes finding a roast session, the family always keeps her entertained and on her toes. She is often found crawling around at events trying to get the best angle or in the art wing, preparing for the next ... Read Full »

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