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From Teacher to President

Spanish teacher Linda Sieck will be stepping down from teaching next year to be the new local National Education Association (NEA) president.

“I will still have an impact on kids,” Sieck said. “It will just be a different approach.”

NEA is made up of teachers from across the country, but NEA Shawnee Mission is composed of just Shawnee Mission teachers. Sieck is currently the Shawnee Mission Vice President and was elected by her fellow board members to be the President. The NEA President is a position that will deal with issues that arise concerning what is going on in schools and classrooms.

With Sieck as the new president, some changes are happening for her and the school. It is a full-time position, so she will be on a leave of absence from the district. She has mixed emotions about this.

“It will be very different, but I am excited for the new challenge,” Sieck said. “However, I am going to miss the kids a lot. They always bring good energy and keep me updated on the latest pop culture. They really keep me young.”

Sieck said she hopes to keep the schools strong in the area even with things like budget cuts.

“I am kind of the face of Shawnee Mission teachers to the NEA,” Sieck said. “I will work to promote public education for all students, not just in our district, but statewide.

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