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Freshmen on Varsity Sports

Teagan Noblit: Golf

Freshman Teagan Noblit lines up her swing. Photo by Tessa PolaschekAfter receiving a set of Snoopy golf clubs at the age of seven, Teagan Noblit started playing golf. Four years after she picked up a club, she started playing competitively in tournaments. Noblit’s entire family plays, and they were the reason she got started.

She is a member of Milburn Country Club, and that is where she practices.

“In the summer I usually practice every day,” said Nobilt. “I try to practice at least 4 times a week.”

Noblit plans on playing on the East golf team for all four years, and hopes to compete in the state tournament all four years as well.


John Arnspiger: Cross CountryFreshman John Arnspiger slows up just before crossing the finish line. Arnspiger came in third overall, securing a place for himself on Varsity. Photo by Grace Heitmann

John Arnspiger is one of three freshmen varsity cross country runners. He decided to run because his sister Hannah already runs at East, and he likes the fresh feeling after a long run.

“Running makes me feel good about myself,” Arnspiger said.

Arnspiger was first introduced to the sport during middle school running. The running program wasn’t much of a challenge for him, so later on, he joined the Flyers program.

He plans on running all four years, and eventually hopes to be one of the seniors who leads the team.


Jaycie Timms: Gymnastics

DSC_5666Jaycie Timms has been a gymnast since she was four. Timms’ two favorite parts about doing gymnastics at East is meeting all the other girls, and how gymnastics is more of an individual sport than a team sport.

“I like getting to do an individual sport,” Timms said.

Coming into East, she didn’t think that she would make varsity, but she was pleased when she did. Timms’ main events are the balance beam and the vault. Vault is her strength. She plans on doing gymnastics all four years at East.

When it is not gymnastics season, she trains at Sylvester Powell by doing conditioning, such as lifting weights and running.  Timms tries to train two days a week.


Joie Freirich: TennisDSC_5561

Joie Freirich got her first racquet at the age of six, shortly after she started playing tennis at Overland Park Racquet club; Freirich now plays at Blue Hills country club. But, she didn’t start playing competitively until two and a half years ago. On average, Freirich practices 20 hours a week.

Going into East tennis tryouts Freirich was confident that she would do well.  She is now the number six seed on varsity. “I kinda had a feeling I would [make varsity],” Freirich said. “I knew a couple of the people, like the number six [player], and I knew I could beat her, after I made varsity I was pretty happy and excited.”

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