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Freshmen Asking too Early


To all freshmen boys: if you haven’t asked a girl to homecoming yet, don’t stress about it. We still have about a month until the dance.

Two years ago, this happened to me. I was the second girl out of the whole grade to get asked to Homecoming, but I was asked the third week of school. I knew it was coming. I heard all the chatter, but I didn’t even know if any of this was true.

Typical freshmen. They somehow just don’t get the memo about everything. The freshmen somehow don’t understand that it actually is okay to move back a row at a football game, but most importantly, it’s cool to go along with the cheers. Actually, you will fit in more if you dress the theme and cheer at the games.

After the first couple weeks of school, once everyone gets settled in, everyone begins to think about homecoming. Homecoming this year is on Saturday Oct. 3. Boys begin calling “dibs” on each girl within the first two weeks of school, which is mind boggling to me. Why does a girl need to get “claimed” by someone? The boy who asks first gets to take the girl, if she says yes. But of course it will never be that easy. I heard so many people gossipping in the halls about who was asking who. Even how they were asking the girl and that made me so anxious.

“I really hope that I get asked by him instead of that guy,”  I thought to myself throughout the halls. “I don’t even know him, why would he want to ask me?”

I went to a friend’s house after school and he and his mom drove by with balloons piled in the back seat. I couldn’t tell which guy it was. I ran home to see who asked me. I had to pop the balloons to find out who it was. At least it was one of the guys I wanted. I finally had a homecoming date–a month and a half before the dance.

I was relieved. Later that evening at “Meet the Coaches Night”  every parent and peer I saw told me how excited they were for me. I really didn’t get it.

“I had a date to homecoming the third week of school? How do people even think about homecoming. I am just trying to blend in throughout the halls,” I said to myself as I walked out of the gym.

Homecoming is a very fun dance to go to whether you go with friends or a date or anyone, but maybe knowing who I was going with six weeks ahead of time wasn’t so bad at all.

Freshmen boys: One last thing, if you’re going to ask her two months in advance, make sure that you have a creative way to ask her. And most importantly: When she calls you to say yes please don’t be awkward.

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