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Frequent Friday: The Allegory of Suzie Moore and Jeremy Layte

Missed the Frequent Friday? Watch a recording of the short play by senior Hannah Copeland here.

Cast Bio’s:

Ian Boat  (Jeremy Layte): Captain Ian Boat has had a blast working on his first ever frequent friday! This is something that he never thought he would be a part of and he feels lucky that he has gotten to do this before he left SME. The captain would also like to personally thank Jacqueline Crain for getting him to try out and jump-starting his theatrical career.

Ali Felman (Suzie Moore): wants to love this show on an open sea. That’s how much it means to me. I’ve had a blast working on my first FF! It’s been really awesome working with such fun and talented people. I hope you enjoy the show!

Joe Craig (Old Jeremy): This was my first performance and I was definitely surprised by how much fun it was! The rest of the cast was awesome and we had a lot of fun together. Thank you to everyone who talked me into trying out.

Annie Sullivan (Teen-Uh): Annie is pumped to be in her first frequent friday. The cast and crew are fantastic, and she wants to thank everyone who has  supported her throughout the process.

Grace Anne Martin (Mom and Program Font Artist): Hey, look, it’s me, Grace Martin (the sophomore). I’ve had an AMAZING time working with Hannah and everyone on the cast. I’m going to miss all the promiscuous jokes, Ali’s dirty looks, and the sexy gingerbread house. I LOVE YOU ALL!!! Most of all, I want to thank Duri Long. For the amazing lights, and for getting me started on house crew. YOU’RE WONDERFUL DURI! By the by, screaming from back stage in a sing-song-y mom voice is a lot harder than it sounds you know…

Andrew Mohn (Lee): Once a simple nerd, Andrew Mohn was taken in by Hannah Copeland late last year. Taught the fine art of acting while never being seen, he manages his Foot Hut with inspiring apathy. Andrew had an amazing time on cast, and would like to thank everyone who made our rehearsals so much fun.

Matti Crabtree (Mrs. Shohouser and Poster Drawing Artist): It’s my first frequent friday, and I’m uber excited! (Yes, uber).) I’m an artist with my own site-a webcomic (check it out: – and I enjoy gaming, drawing, and shmo-ing. I doubt that I’ll ever stop saying ‘shmo’ now, actually. Let’s see…If there’s a word that describes the cast and director, it’s most definitely supermegafoxyawesomehot. And now, a haiku:

Shmo-Shmo loves poems

Also cats…and more cats

But mostly this play.

Evie Marshall (Jessie): I am super excited to be performing in my first frequent friday. I would like to extend a huge thanks to Hannah for absolutely everything, and to the whole cast for just being awesome. Yaaaaaay!

Emma Fritz (Jessica): This is Emma’s first theater production at East and she is SO glad she auditioned! She would like to thank Hannah for writing and directing a hilarious show, and her humongo cast for making everything so much fun. Hope you enjoy the show!

Alex Lamb (Cole): This is my second FF, and it’s been a magnificent experience working with Hannah and this extended family of a cast. I’ve had oodles of fun with everyone and I hope you enjoy the show as much as I have in being a part of it.

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