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FreeLancer Announces New Theme


Each year, the FreeLancer chooses a theme for their issue. The themes are more of a suggestion than a requirement. In the past, they have been things such as playground or orchestra. This issue’s theme is surreal. It can be anything abstract, haunting or even exciting. It is an open idea for artists to have some freedom with.

The Shawnee Mission East FreeLancer is the literary magazine that East students can submit their art to. It is composed of poems, short stories, photography and some handmade paintings or drawings. The FreeLancer is a way for students to show off their artwork in print, not just a fair. It is a hard copy that they can carry around and be proud of. Their art is arranged into a publication that is issued in April this year.

Surreal is a theme that will allow students to make their work more abstract and creative, according to senior editor, Mae Heitmann.

“As for art pieces, they don’t have to relate to the theme,” Heitmann said. “We get lots of things on a variety of subject. Work ranging from animal paintings to photography portraits and abstract digital media pieces.”

To get involved in the FreeLancer, email and submit your work.

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