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Forensics Students Qualify for State

East’s Competitive Speech and Drama team competed in several tournaments during the past two weeks. Overall, the team did very well, having several state qualifiers and had the most events won of any school. Students including Lucy Brock, Jacob Roberts, Brianna Currie, Carson Camp, Matthew Trecek, Kate Higgens and Holly Murfey.

“The tournaments went very well,” sophomore Luke Bledsoe said. “Me and a lot of my friends placed pretty high in our various events, and the forensics team is looking very good.”

As for state qualifying, East is looking forward to having more students qualify throughout the season and students are working hard to be able to compete at the state tournament.

“It’s a really good feeling to qualify for state,” Freshman Lucy Brock said. “But just because you qualify doesn’t mean that you will compete at the state meet, so I have to continue to work hard.”

But for now these results are leaving the East forensics team optimistic for the remainder of the season.

“East always does very well in forensics, and I don’t think that this year will be any different,” Bledsoe said.


Olathe South Tournament


1st in sweeps

Jet Semrick- 4th, Congress

Jacob Roberts- 5th, Congress

Aislinn Kinsella- 3rd, Novice Congress

Carson Camp- 1st, Dramatic Interpretation (state qual)

Brianna Currie- 2nd, Dramatic Interpretation (state qual)

Jacob Roberts- 1st, Humorous Interpretation (state qual)

Brena Levy- 5th, Humorous Interpretation

Matt Ruether /

Luke Bledsoe- 3rd, Duo Interpretation

Grace Garbe- 1st, Program of Oral Interpretaiton

Denny Rice- 5th, Foreign Extemp

Holly Murfey- 3rd, Informative (state qual)

Gillian Royster- 4th, Informative

Caleb Hanlon- 5th, Informative

Carson Camp- 2nd, Prose (state qual)

Brianna Currie- 6th, Prose

Lucy Brock- 3rd, Impromptu (state qual)

Henry Diehl /

Luke Bledsoe- 6th, Public Forum Debate


Lawrence High Tournament


Jet Semrick- 3rd, Congress

Ashley Grills- 4th, Congress

Culley Woods- 5th, Congress

Jacob Roberts- 6th, Congress

Emory Apodaca- 2nd, Novice Congress

Grant Colvin- 3rd, Novice Congress

Ian Gould- 4th, Novice Congress

Aislinn Kinsella- 5th, Novice Congress


St. Thomas Aquinas Tournament


2nd in Sweeps

Daniel Hill /

Matthew Trecek- 1st, Duo Interpretation (state qual)

Brena Levy /

Kate Higgins- 2nd, Duo Interpretation (state qual)

Kate Higgins- 1st, Humorous Interpretation (state qual)

Jack Heeney- 4th, Humorous Interpretation

Brena Levy- 5th, Humorous Interpretation

Jacob Roberts- 6th, Humorous Interpretation

Aaron Winter- 7th, Humorous Interpretation

Sarah Bledsoe- 7th, Dramatic Interpretation

Matthew Trecek- 2nd, Prose (state qual)

Will Burrus- 7th, Informative

Denny Rice- 5th, Foreign Extemp

Grant Colvin- missed breaking in FX on tab error


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