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Forensics Results for Feb. 15 – 16

Shawnee Mission Northwest

-First in Congressional Debate: House 1- Ali Dastjerdi

-Second in Congressional Debate: House 1- Erik Harken

-First in Congressional Debate: House 2- Ada Throckmorton

-Second in Congressional Debate: House 2- Parker Mitchell

-Fourth in Congressional Debate: House 2- Shrushti Mehta

-Fifth in Public Forum Debate- Jameson McGranahan / Sam Holloway

-Sixth in Lincoln-Douglas Debate- Jack Werner

-First in Prose (Orange division)- Hanna Bautz (state qualified)

-Fifth in Prose (Orange division)- Ty Nanos

-First in Prose (Black division)- Megan Gertzen (state qualified)

-Fifth in Poetry- Lily Wulfemeyer

-First in Humorous Interpretation- Erika Levy (state qualified)

-Fourth in Humorous Interpretation- Hanna Bautz

-Fifth in Humorous Interpretation- Bhavish Dinakar

-Sixth in Humorous Interpretation- Sara Muench

-Fourth in Dramatic Interpretation- Ty Nanos

-Sixth- Dramatic Interpretation- Becca Zeiger

-First in Duo Interpretation- Alex Ritchie / Josh Fowler (state qualified)

-Third in Duo Interpretation- Becca Zeiger / Annie Sullivan

-First in Domestic Extemp- Ada Throckmorton (state qualified)

-Sixth in Domestic Extemp- Shrushti Mehta

-Third in Foreign Extemp- Ali Dastjerdi

-Fifth in Foreign Extemp- Parker Mitchell

-Second in Informative- Brian Philipps (state qualified)

-Sixth in Informative- Molly Pratt

-Fourth in Impromptu- Bhavish Dinakar

-Second in Original Oration- Ada Throckmorton (state qualified)

-Fourth in Original Oration- Ali Dastjerdi

Contributing to sweepstakes: Jameson McGranahan, Denisa Butas, Spencer Mitchell

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