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First Friday Bazaar



Tomorrow morning before school, the sounds of Akshay Dinakar’s electric violin will fill the fourth floor hallway by the counseling office, signalling the initial First Friday of this year. They will take place on the first Friday of every month. It’s an opportunity for activities, clubs, and organizations to sell their spirit wear. Instead of having to brave the colder temperature of rowdy football or basketball games, students can buy items in the comfy environment of school, accompanied by Dinakar’s music.

Various organizations participate, including the All Sports Booster Club, East Fund, Freelancer, various art clubs and Friends of the Library. Right now, many parents sell spirit wear or other items, which may change from club to club. Previously, students have sold for specific activities, such as the Freelancer literary magazine and DECA.

Associate Principal Jeff Storey started First Fridays at East. They are replacing last year’s Spirit Sales, which were more frequent and stuck to just school spirit wear. Last year’s Spirit Sales were not as successful as Storey has seen from other schools, which he blames on East not having a common school entrance. To attract a greater crowd, he has recruited senior Akshay Dinakar to serenade students with music.

“I feel like it’s such a big school, and we don’t even know what we have to offer,” Storey said.

Students with an organization or club who wish to sell in future First Fridays can contact Mr. Storey for details on how to participate and set up a table.

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