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Featured Club: International Club


Emily Perkins-Rock has been a member of International Club since sophomore year. Check out an interview with her to learn more about the club.


Q. Can you give me an overview of International Club?

A. Every Wednesday of the month we will go and we have a presentation. And sometimes we will have it with an international student who is here or sometimes a member of a club who is living in Kansas will give a presentation on their experience of going abroad.

Q. So is it students that study abroad or more of the cultures from other countries?

A. This is mostly learning about other people’s experience so yes, more of the culture and different people’s experience because we have a bunch of international students this year. They’ll give us an overview of what it was like living in a different country, and then we kind of compare and contrast life in different countries.

 Q. How can people get involved?

A. You can talk to Ms. Fishman [the sponsor], she’s in her room everyday after school, or just show up to one of our meetings. There will be an announcement leading up to it. There’s usually food and it’s always fun.

 Q. Is there a different country focused each week?

A. Well there’s one meeting a month and it’s whoever is presenting we focus on that country. Like the country that they lived in or the country that they visited.

 Q. Do you get asked to present or do people offer?

A. At the beginning of the year, people sign up but if you really want to and you didn’t sign up you can talk to Ms. Fishman and she can squeeze you in.

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