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Featured Club: Doctor Who

Photo by Maxx Lamb

Photo by Maxx Lamb

Doctor Who Club meets every Thursday after school in room 306.  Vice President and junior Blanche Jones talked about the hit show.

Q: What’s “Doctor Who” about?

A: “Doctor Who” is basically about a man who is an alien from a race of time lords, basically a race who have been overly exposed to the time vortex, who can travel in time.  And he travels in time with multiple people who are called companions; they are boy or girl or alien or dog or whatever.  He has the ability to regenerate, which basically means that every time he dies he comes back, just with a different face.  And the show follows the doctor and his companions and how he defeats his enemies.  It’s just really cool and really complex and confusing at times, but awesome.”

Q: What is the club about?  What do you discuss or do?

A:  “We try to discuss stuff, but the club members are all freshmen now and they’re very quiet.  And we have parties on holidays.  We had a Halloween party, we had a Christmas party and we watched Christmas episodes at the Christmas party.  We watch episodes that we all agree on watching.  When we do discuss stuff, it’s the Christmas specials.”

Q: You watch the episodes while you discuss them?

A: “We watch them and we yell at the characters on the screen because we all have watched the whole thing.”

Q:  How many students participate?

A: “18 on a good day, 11 on an okay day and occasionally we have a day where only two people show up.”

Q: Why should people join Doctor Who Club?

A: “To be able to broaden their view of what a plot line can do especially when time travel is involved because once time travel gets involved it gets into this big slimey-wimey ball of stuff.”

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