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Featured Athlete: Q&A with Joie Freirich


Q: How did you get your start in tennis?

A: “Overland Park Racquet Club is like five minutes away from my house, so that’s kind of how I started. I’ve been playing competitively for about five or six years now.”

Q: Why did you keep playing?

A: “About three years ago I had to choose between tennis and soccer. I was playing soccer at that time also, and I chose tennis probably because I just like how it’s not a team sport. I have control of everything that goes on on the court. I love competing.”

Q: Was there anything that drew you to tennis?

A: “I just found a love for it.”

Q: How was the East tennis team this year?

A: “It was great. We had two top singles players, Aidan Epstein and Sarah Wilcox, and then we had two strong doubles teams, one consisting of me and Lucy Kendall, a freshman, and she brought a lot of great things to the team. Then Larkin McLiney and Gretchen Cooper were another strong doubles team. [The team] ended up getting second at state.”

Q: How did you and Lucy do at state?

A: “We got fifth. It was pretty good because the team we lost to in the quarters was the team that ended up getting third. They were a tough team to beat, Blue Valley, but we did good overall. We had a great season.”

Q: What was it like being doubles partners with a freshman?

A: “It was really good… Lucy actually was a really strong doubles player. She kind of held herself accountable for everything and she was a strong partner. She kept me up when I was down and I tried to do the same.”

Q: Do you have any memories from this year?

A: The Lancer Day parade was so much fun, Mean Girls, I loved the theme. I love all the team dinners and team bonding. And then state with the varsity girls. Everything we do together is just so much fun. The season goes by really fast, but I love it.”

Q: What do you think about Sue Chipman retiring next year?

A: “It’s so sad. She’s been at this school for a very long time… It’s just really sad that she’s leaving.

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