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Featured Athlete: Barrett Cooper

Senior Barrett Cooper watches as his name is called during the signing ceremony. Cooper signed to play tennis at Colorado Christian University.Why did you choose to focus on tennis instead of wrestling?

I learned that I had to cut weight in wrestling. I’m not a big fan of that. Coming back to [tennis] after a four year break, it was a little more fun to play, other than a chore early junior year. I wasn’t allowed to wrestle this year because I could only go to about two practices a week.

What is your offseason practice routine?

I practice at KCUT, usually either at 2-4 or 2-6 Mondays through Thursdays and play some on the weekends. I usually practice and then work out because they don’t run you much. It varies from live-ball to drop-feed to just playing.

How did you choose to play for Colorado Christian University?

It’s a small school. I liked that. Everyone when I went there was extremely nice and inviting. I was just looking at schools in Colorado, and that one came up.

Do you prefer doubles or singles?

It used to be doubles, but these past few weeks it’s been singles. You can control the ball more other than relying on a partner. It’s all up to you.

What has been your best day of tennis?

With my sister actually, we played at nationals for [Junior Team Tennis]. We ended up coming back from 5-0 and won the match. We were playing mixed doubles and that put us in the top branch. We ended up getting third in nationals.


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