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Featured Artist: Wyatt Turner

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Q: What would you describe your art as?Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 7.45.38 AM

A: I’m a photographer and also do a little graphic design. I like to combine photography and photo manipulation into my work.

Q: How did you get into art?

A: I really didn’t have a big interest in art. I came here my sophomore year and my sister took photography class, so I took those with my sister. Working with her and her friends, who were are really talented, got me really into it and I branched out from that and developed my own style.

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 7.46.01 AMQ: What would you describe your style as?

A: I like to work with photo manipulation. I enjoy working with my friend Mollie Mytinger. We work on a lot of our projects together and we like to work with alternative processes, things like cyanotypes, photo polymers, and Polarized transfers are really fun.

Q: What is your favorite project that you’ve done?

A: It’s one of my first projects, in Photo 1. We had to go into the dark room and print a double negative, negatives thrown on top of each other. It was the first time I had ever really done something creative, I would sort of say. It was the first time I actually thought about what I was doing and how it would work.

Q: What type of opportunities have you gotten from it?

A: I’ve recently started to take it more seriously. Already this year, I’ve been put into an online publication,, for my polarized transfers. It was an exhibit featuring a lot of different polarized transfers and they liked mine and put it in.

Q: What are polarized transfers?Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 7.48.54 AM

A: Polaroid transfers are really cool. You take the emulsion off of the polaroid paper and stick it on any surface that you want.

Q: What are some of your favorite artists that you admire or aspire to be like?

A: For a couple of my projects, Mollie Mytinger and I went out and created a homage to a photographer named Nicolas Bruno. He’s really interesting. He suffers from sleep paralysis almost every night and he takes what he sees and recreates it with photography.

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 7.46.22 AMQ: What type of support do you get from your friends and family?

A: My friends are super supportive. They go out on photo shoots with me all the time pretty much whenever I ask. My family supports me too, of course. I’ve been able to go see a lot of different art colleges and that’s super cool. I feel really supported.

Q: Do you want to pursue art in college and your future?

A: I think I’d like to study art in college. I think that’s really interesting. I’d like to get a bachelor in fine arts. I think it would be amazing to pursue art in college. The idea of having another four or more years to practice my artwork sounds perfect. Hopefully one day I’ll open either my own gallery or something along those lines.

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