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Featured Artist: Mae Heitmann


What kind of art do you make?

I guess drawing and I’ve just recently started painting, last December.

What kinds of things do you draw?
I like to draw realistically sometimes. I don’t know, usually when I draw for school I just like to make it look realistic, but just whatever my assignment is.

What do you mean by realistically?

If it’s drawing, sometimes if it’s in colored pencil I’ll get the shape right in it and everything, but I like to change the color around a little bit differently. I still want it to look realistic because otherwise there’s not really much of a point to drawing it. You might as well just take a picture. So that’s what I like about drawing. And I just really try to make sure that the shape of it is right so it actually looks like it should. But then just kind of change it, just a little bit and make it unique.

What times do you draw at?

I mean just like the afternoons and after school or sometimes I draw during classes, but I mean I don’t really do that that much. I can’t really draw for that long though. Or else I’ll get really tired of it.

How did you pick up drawing?

I’ve always drawn, especially when I was younger. I really liked drawing then because I loved markers. Then for a while I only made artwork for school. In the recent years though, I have seen my drawings improve especially from looking at everything I draw and thinking what parts were drawn inaccurately and how I would change it if I were to draw it again. If I am drawing from a photograph I try to catch every minute difference and learn from it.

Where do you draw?

Just in my room really.

Do you listen to music or anything while you draw?

Yeah but really just Spotify.

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