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Featured Artist: Josh Goering

joshyQ: What kind of art do you make?

A: I make ceramic bowls, they can be functional but they’re mostly just decorative. I carve really intricate designs that I base off of Indian and Hindu architecture. My carvings are similar to what is inlaid into the arches and pillars of the incredible Indian and Hindu structures.

Q: What inspires your work?

A: Indian architecture inspires me, and I also follow a lot of Instagram accounts like sway_tattooer and misterpaterson that make art with designs that are similar to my bowls. They don’t do strictly tattoos these designs on them but the ones they do are amazing. They are so intricate and complex, there’s a lot of work involved. It’s true talent.

Q: Do you have a favorite piece that you have ever made?

A: Actually yes, I made one just last week, but it broke before I even got to fire it. It was special because I probably spent the most time carving this piece. It took my four block periods and a seminar to make. It is the biggest piece I have done so far. It’s a bummer it broke because I put so much effort and heart into it compared to my other pieces.

Q: What is your biggest accomplishment with your ceramics?

A: Probably when I started to throw big [throwing larger amounts of clay on the wheel]. Before I had a lot of trouble making the little stuff, then I made a big step forward by being able to throw bigger. That has been my biggest accomplishment.

C: Do you want to pursue a career in art?

J: Yes, that would actually be awesome. I haven’t looked into anything like that yet though. Right now I am just taking a gap year after I graduate.

C: Are there any artists among your friends of family?

J: My mom is a painter. She shows her paintings down at an art gallery down at First Fridays a lot. She inspires me to keep making progress with my ceramics.


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