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Featured Artist: Joe Frazell

How long have you been drawing?
My whole life. I started out in art class in elementary school, and then I just started out doodling in class. The drawings were mostly letters, people or faces. It always came pretty easy for me. Drawing was a nice way to relieve stress, and I just always stuck with it.

Where do you get your inspiration?
Whatever I feel, just anything. I draw whatever I’m thinking. Whether I’m in the mood to draw animals or names or letters of graffiti, it just depends.

What do you do with your drawings?
Give them away. I like to draw things for people. I usually give them away to close friends. Last year I asked a friend to prom by leaving a drawing in her car.

Are you hoping to do anything with art in the future?
When I’m older I want to draw, but I don’t really want to go to college for it because I think would probably get burnt out getting told what to draw all the time.

What is your favorite tool to use?
Colored sharpies. I like the color better because it pops more. Colors can change the connotation of the drawing extremely easily. Dark colors can seem gloomy while others seem bright and happy. Using color helps me express what I want to convey in the drawing.

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