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Featured Artist: Emily Lang

Name: Emily Lang

Grade: 12

Tools: “Definitely a sewing machine, definitely scissors. Lots of pins. A sewing gauge, which is like a six-inch ruler. A blue fabric marking pen and an ironing board, usually. Those are the main ones for every project.”

Favorite tools: “I really like cotton because it comes in all sorts of patterns and colors and there’s more variety to it, so I’ve got more to pick from. But then I like patterns that I know I will use. I don’t want to make something and never wear it or never use it versus something I know I’m either giving as a gift or I know I’ll wear or a bag I know I’ll use.”

Beginning: “I started when [I was] in seventh grade, with FACS (Family and Consumer Sciences) class just because I thought it was going to be fun. But I’ve had sewing in my life since I was little. My mom sewed Halloween costumes and that kind of thing and my grandparents would always sew. It’ll probably just be an extra curricular as a fun way to relax [in the future]. I’m not going into anything sewing related.”

Stuck with it: “I thought it was really fun and it was kind of a way to relax during the day. Instead of taking all hard classes it was an easy way to do something more creative. I’ve actually become my friends’ go to person when they’ve got holes in their clothes or buttons falling off. It’s little repair things that they need done, but I’m still able to do it quite easily and quite quickly.”


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